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President Bill Clinton Hosts the Second Day of the Clinton Global Initiative’s 2010 Annual Meeting

September 22, 2010

Program Participants Included Madeleine K. Albright, Lance Armstrong, Tony Blair, Michael Bloomberg, Barbara Bush, Laura Bush, Jim Carrey, John Chambers, Paul Farmer, Thomas Friedman, Sanjay Gupta, Jenna Hager, Valerie B. Jarrett, Muhtar Kent, Jack Ma, and Tom Vilsack

New York, N.Y. – On the second day of the 2010 Annual Meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), President Clinton opened plenary sessions on Strengthening MarketBased Solutions and Harnessing Human Potential by announcing a range of commitments aimed at addressing the world’s most pressing challenges.

"From fighting cancer to investing in smallholder farmers, the nearly 40 commitments announced today will improve the lives of millions of people worldwide,” President Clinton said.


The commitments announced today include:


·         Preventing Tobacco-Related Deaths in Sub-Saharan Africa

The American Cancer Society will develop a public health campaign to prevent tobacco-related deaths in Sub-Saharan Africa. The campaign entails working with strategic partners and advocating for the creation of smoke-free places, strict tobacco control policies, and increased tobacco taxes in the region.

·         The Replenish Africa Initiative (RAIN) for a New Beginning

The Coca-Cola Company is committing approximately $3.75 million to launch eight water projects in Muslim-majority African countries, including Morocco, Sierra Leone, and Somalia. Total investment, including support from co-financing partners such as USAID and UNDP, will exceed $7.5 million.

·         Brazil’s First Social Fund

Sitawi will raise $1.5 million for its Social Fund, which will distribute loans to Brazilian mission-driven organizations that are too big for microcredit, too small for development banks, and too risky for commercial lenders. Sitawi will offer loans between $50,000-$250,000 at below-market interest rates, close to Brazil’s Central Bank base rates of approximately 1 percent.


All 39 commitments announced today are listed below.


Wednesday’s programming was primarily structured around two of CGI’s Action Areas: Strengthening Market-Based Solutions and Harnessing Human Potential. At the plenary session on Strengthening Market-Based Solutions, leaders from business, government, and civil society came together in a conversation about using markets to source and scale solutions to global challenges. The session featured Robert E. Diamond, Jr., president and chief executive designate of Barclays PLC, Thomas Friedman, foreign affairs columnist with the New York Times, and Valerie B. Jarrett, senior advisor and assistant to the president for intergovernmental affairs and public engagement.


Participants of the Harnessing Human Potential plenary session, including former first lady Laura Bush, came together to discuss how to foster entrepreneurship and job creation across the globe, and how to broaden access to knowledge and training in order to build a global workforce that meets the needs of the 21st century economy. Other participants included Jack Ma, chairman and CEO of Alibaba Group, Jenna Hager, contributing correspondent, NBC News, and Barbara Bush, president of Global Health Corps.


Wednesday’s programming also featured three special sessions. A session on Addressing Cancer in the Developing World explored efforts underway to increase access to effective diagnosis and quality treatment for cancer in the developing world. The session brought together experts from across the field, including HRH Princess Dina Mired, director general of the King Hussein Cancer foundation, Paul Farmer, co-founder of Partners in Health, Lance Armstrong, founder and chairman of LIVESTRONG, and Sanjay Gupta, chief medical correspondent at CNN.


A special session on Building Partnerships to Empower the World’s Smallholder Farmers featured actor Jim Carrey, founder of the Better U Foundation, and Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack. Discussions focused on how corporations can help farmers build better lives for themselves, while strengthening their supply chains, protecting the environment, and promoting the long-term health and prosperity of the communities where they do business.


In addition, CNBC's “Meeting of the Minds: The Future of the Global Economy," hosted by Maria Bartiromo, was filmed today at CGI's Annual Meeting. The program premieres on Thursday, September 23rd at 8 p.m. ET on CNBC. The CNBC special event brings together some of the world’s most prestigious leaders including President ClintonSheila Bair, chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC); Andrew N. Liveris, chairman and CEO of the Dow Chemical Company; and Peter Sands, group chief executive of Standard Chartered PLC to address how global nations can work together to make a difference.


Webcasts of all open-press sessions can be viewed at Each session is webcast live and a recorded version is made available shortly after each session. For a complete agenda, please visit


Photos are available approximately two hours after each session on our Flickr page. Please visit for the link.  


CGI is soliciting questions from the Twitter audience for plenary sessions and select breakout sessions. Follow the Clinton Foundation’s tweets about CGI at: The official hash-tag for the 2010 CGI Annual Meeting is #cgi2010

CGI is posting daily video highlights on our YouTube channel, Follow President Clinton’s updates on his facebook page at

The following commitments were announced today:


Partners for a New Beginning, Reach In, Reach Out

Working within the Partners for a New Beginning umbrella, Acxiom will develop an outreach program, Reach In, Reach Out. This program will develop and publicize best practices to be used to include people of the Muslim faith in community affairs and corporate interactions in the Middle East, Northern Africa, the West Bank, Asia and the United States. The program will also reach out to students from Islamic countries who are attending college and universities in the United States.  


After-School All-Stars

We Are Ready

After-School All-Stars, through its We Are Ready initiative, will provide high school readiness training, study skills, career exploration activities, and college exposure and mentorship opportunities to American eighth graders at risk of becoming high school dropouts. Over the next five next years, more than 6,000 low-income students who are at the highest risk of dropping out will be reached in 12 cities across the country.


The Alicea Foundation, Mothers in Black

Re-introduction of School Road Safety Patrols in Guyana
The Alicea Foundation will educate students, parents, and teachers on the essentials of road safety in Georgetown, Guyana. Beginning in 2011, the pilot program will be implemented in 10-20 primary schools.


American Cancer Society

Preventing Tobacco-Related Deaths in Sub-Saharan Africa

The American Cancer Society will develop a public health campaign committed to preventing a pandemic of tobacco-related deaths in Sub-Saharan Africa. The campaign entails working with strategic partners and advocating for the creation of smoke-free places, strict tobacco control policies, and increased tobacco taxes in the region.

Asia Injury Prevention Foundation
Reduce Road Traffic Fatalities and Injuries Globally

The Asia Injury Prevention (AIP) Foundation will expand its road safety programs in Vietnam to Cambodia, Uganda, and one state in India. With the aim of increasing access to high quality helmets and promoting safer behavior among road users, AIP will build strategic private-public partnerships, provide school and public road awareness education and work with governments to introduce laws and standards.


Soweto Breast Cancer Network

BreastSens will establish the Soweto Breast Cancer Network (SBCN) to improve cancer survival rates in Soweto by promoting early detection and providing access to informed healthcare choices.Usingmulti-disciplinary specialists in gender equity and women’s health,SBCN will train 60 local primary healthcare nurses in breast cancer diagnosis and ensure better communication between the Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital and local clinics.


Launching the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety

Burston Marsteller, representing WPP, has developed a logo for the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety and commits to provide additional pro-bono communications services to support the Decade’s launch in May of 2011.

The Coca-Cola Company

The Replenish Africa Initiative (RAIN) for a New Beginning

The Coca-Cola Company is committing approximately $3.75 million to launch eight water projects in Muslim-majority African countries, including Morocco, Sierra Leone, and Somalia. Total investment, including support from co-financing partners such as USAID and UNDP, will exceed $7.5 million.



Sustainable Provision of Basic Energy Services
Comet-ME will build and install hybrid wind and solar stand-alone mini-grids for all off-grid Palestinian communities in the South Hebron Hills. This commitment will provide basic energy services to a neglected region with the aim of creating a sustainable and environmentally friendly power source. Comet-ME will also run an advanced renewable energy course to build regional capacity to run the operation and to ultimately transfer project management to local partners.


Cordes Foundation, Calvert Foundation and Giving Assets
Global Impact 50

The Cordes Foundation, in partnership with The Calvert Foundation and Giving Assets, commits to create the “Global Impact 50,” an index rankingthe top 50 impact investment managers that deliver social and environmental value in addition to financial returns. The index will be the first part of a broader effort sponsored by the organizations, with support from The Rockefeller Foundation, to convene a consortium of philanthropic and financial services leaders in the creation of a comprehensive impact investment platform. The Cordes Foundation and its partners aim to raise $2 billion for impact investing by 2016.

Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute
Cradle to Cradle Certification

Cradle to Cradle will expand its green certification standard to encompass 1,000 well-recognized products over the next five years. By assessing the water purity, renewable energy, and social fairness involved in a product’s manufacturing process, Cradle to Cradle provides a green stamp of approval that can be trusted by environmentally-conscious consumers.

Dana Farber Cancer Institute

DFCI Commits to Expanded Access to Cancer Care Globally

The Dana Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI) commits to work with Partners in Health (PIH) to  donate cancer drugs, offer remote consultative services to clinicians, and develop cancer control and care programs in Haiti, Mexico, Jordan, and Rwanda.

Delta Partners Group, Ericsson, MTN Uganda, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Refugees United and Control Arms Campaign

Building a Global Platform to Reunite Refugee Families

Refugees United, Ericsson and Delta Partners will launch a mobile phone application that will help refugees locate their family members via text messaging. They plan to implement this tool in Kenya, Sudan, Somalia, Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo, with the goal of helping 120,000 refugees find their families by the end of 2011.

Integrating Base-of-the-Pyramid (BoP) Agriculture Supply Chains

Over the next five years the Durabilis Foundation will work in Latin America and sub-Saharan Africa to develop agricultural supply chains to link famers with local and regional markets.  They will link smallholder farmers producing a range of products to state of the art processing and distribution networks ensuring they can access new markets for their products. 


Maendeleo Agricultural Enterprise Fund

FARM-Africa will launch the Maendeleo Agriculture Enterprise Fund, a competitive grant-making fund in four African countries that  will support small-scale agricultural producers. Based on FARM-Africa’s existing model, the fund will finance approximately 48 projects over five years in order todevelop innovative and effective approaches to natural resource management that will benefit 96,000 farmers.

Firmenich Foundation

Cancer in the Middle East - Personalized Medicine

In 2011, the King Hussein Cancer Foundation and Center in Amman, Jordan will establish a new approach towards cancer treatment called “Personalized Medicine” in order to combat rising cancer rates in the Middle East. The initiative will use molecular testing methods to determine the genetic make-up of tumors and how they relate to the specific individual, thus allowing doctors to determine specific treatment plans with greater precision.


Global Citizen Year

Unleashing the Potential of Next Gen Global Leaders
By 2015, Global Citizen Year will engage 1,000 American high school graduates in annual structured apprenticeships in communities across Asia, Africa, or Latin America through a “bridge year” program between high school and college. Each Fellow will develop a fluency in a new language and an understanding of other cultures.

Gonzalo Rodriguez Memorial Foundation (GRMF)

Safe Mobility for Uruguayan Children 
GRMF will promote road safety awareness and citizenship education in Uruguay. The specific objective of this one-year, $87,000 commitment is to provide more than 1,000 children aged 4-12 years old with engaging learning alternatives in the classroom with the aim of protecting them and educating them to be responsible drivers.


Great Barrier Reef Foundation

Tackling Climate Change Adaptation Through Coral Reef Bonds

The Great Barrier Reef Foundation will create a ten-year, $60 million bond, in partnership with Goldman Sachs and KPMG, to fund research and interventions that will help coral reefs adapt to climate change. The protection of species and habitats will be paid for by interest and capital repayments generated by increases in levies and taxes on those who use the Reef.


Firmenich Foundation 

Vetiver Farmer Support in Haiti

Firmenich and its partners will create new income opportunities for farmers and distillers by providing trees, training, and equipment for the sustainable production of essential oils.  The goal of the commitment is to provide Vetiver farmers with the inputs, tools and access to markets necessary to diversify their production with a range of high value, commercially important, essential oils.



Brazilian Forest Conservation through Cocoa Production
IMAFLORA will contribute to the conservation of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest by developing a pilot model of payments for environmental services. The model will be based on a regional approach that links the responsible production of cocoa and environmentally-friendly markets with the maintenance and enhancement of environmental services like forest carbon stocks, water production, biodiversity protection and improvement of farmer-livelihoods.


ImagineNations Group and Yahoo!    Entrepreneurs, Mentors Go Mobile
ImagineNations Group, with Yahoo!, will connect young entrepreneurs to one another, to mentors, to supporters, to financing sources, and to markets through the ImagineNations Network (INN), an online platform.  Over twelve months, INN will develop country portals (including mobile phone integration, mentoring, resources, access to financing and marketplace) and a regional portal.  The commitment aims to increase the number of INN users from 4,000 to 750,000 over five years, while targeting the sub-Saharan African, Southeast Asian, and Middle East/North African regions. Additionally,to promote global entrepreneurship and INN's efforts, Yahoo! will provide $250,000 of targeted media on its advertising platform.

The InSTEDD iLab - A Model for Sustainable Innovation

InSTEDD will open an innovation laboratory, or iLab, in Zimbabawe in 2011. The iLab will be a collaborative environment where young students and entrepreneurs will learn software development, project management, and collaboration techniques in order to advance solutions in economic development, public health, and environmental sustainability. InSTEDD will reach 120 students in five years.

Interfaith Youth Core

InterFaith Leaders for a New Beginning
Over three years, the Interfaith Youth Core will create a global network of 150 Interfaith Youth Leaders, age 16 to 35, from the U.S. and 11 Muslim countries. With assistance from US Embassies and Partners for New Beginning, Interfaith Youth Core will provide grants, coaching, and online networking to empower interfaith leaders to implement social projects in their communities, stay connected with each other, and gain awareness about successful national and international models of interfaith cooperation. 

International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP) and Asian Development Bank

iRAP and ADB: Asia Pacific Free of High Risk Roads

iRAP in partnership with the ADB, will work towards eliminating high risk roads in the Asia Pacific region by evaluating, rating and implementing safety measures on the 10 percent of roads with the highest volume of traffic in the region.


Lockheed Martin Corporation

Urban Sustainability Triage and Realization

Lockheed Martin commits to its first public-private partnership, joining the city of Burlington, Vermont in its search for sustainable technologies to lead the city towards its goal of 100 percent renewable power supply by 2012.


Lumni, Inc.

Innovative College Funding for 10,000 Students
Over the next five years, Lumni will provide 10,000 students in Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and the U.S. with access to financing for higher education. Through partnerships with individuals and institutions, Lumni will create social investment funds that will provide students with funding. These students will commit to repaying a fixed percentage of income for a period after graduation.

Make Roads Safe, a campaign of the FIA Foundation

Delivering Vaccines for Road Traffic Injury

The FIA Foundation, with the IDB and others, commits $10 million to promote safe driving, and the use of motorcycle crash helmets and seat belts,to combat road traffic injury during the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety (2011-2020).

The Mayo Clinic

Global Bridges: Healthcare Alliance for Tobacco Dependence Treatment

The Mayo Clinic School for Continuous Professional Development and Mayo Clinic

Nicotine Dependence Center will create an institution to better treat tobacco dependence and to reduce tobacco use by advocating for tobacco control policies, such as smoke-free workplaces. The project will mobilize global and regional networks of healthcare providers and tobacco dependence treatment organizations, for a comprehensive and measurable approach to the threat of tobacco.


Merck & Co., CARE USA, and Save the Children

Bridging Health & Education Programs for Young Children

Merck & Co. commits to invest more than $3 million in partnership with CARE USA and Save the Children to develop a package of services focused on five areas of impact: child development, health, nutrition, child protection, and economic empowerment.  These services will be provided through caregivers, childcare settings, and national policy. With a focus on low-resource communities with high HIV-prevalence, these services will improve the quality of life and long-term developmental outcomes for orphans and vulnerable children from conception to primary school. After three years, the initiative will share its initial findings in India and El Salvador with global policymakers, international NGOs, community-based organizations, and donors with the aim of expanding the program to other countries.

Rural Development Institute, Omidyar Network, and the Nike Foundation

Creating Opportunities for Girls Through Land Rights

The Rural Development Institute (RDI), along with the Nike Foundation, Omidyar Network, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, will launch an advocacy campaign to help girls in rural sub-Saharan Africa and Asia secure land rights.


Schoenfeld Foundation

Cleantech U: Igniting Cleantech Entrepreneurship

Cleantech U commits to empower students at five universities in the US to become innovators in the clean technology sector.  During the next academic year, in partnership with Net Impact, Cleantech U will connect students with mentors, provide them with networking opportunities and internships, introduce them to investors, and provide support to help student-led clean technology ventures get off the ground.



Brazil’s First Social Fund

Sitawi will raise $1.5 million for its Social Fund, which will distribute loans to Brazilian mission-driven organizations that are too big for microcredit, too small for development banks, and too risky for commercial lenders. Sitawi will offer social soans between $50,000-$250,000 at below market interest rates, close to Brazil’s Central Bank base rates of approximately 1 percent.


Step Up on Second, Inc.

Step Up in Hollywood: Sustainably Ending Homelessness

Step Up on Second will build, develop, and operate 200 permanent green housing units for people identified as the most vulnerable by the Hollywood Homeless Registry.  This five-year initiative will ensure that residents and an additional 1,400 homeless people have access to free comprehensive services, including health care and social and educational programming.


The Tony Blair Faith Foundation

Global Education Connects Across Religious Divides

The Tony Blair Faith Foundation will will launch “Face to Faith” in the U.S, which uses interactive religious education programs to build understanding and tolerance. As the new term starts, schools in five different states will introduce the program for the first time.


United Postcode Lotteries

Postcode Lottery Project Oceans
The United Postcode Lotteries, together with World Wildlife Fund, Greenpeace, and the Marine Stewardship Council, will implement Postcode Lottery Project Oceans, a public awareness campaign about man-made threats to oceans. The campaign, a $9 million, two-year initiative, will focus on protecting ocean areas, alleviating overfishing, and protecting endangered species. It will be supported with significant media outreach efforts, marketing and publishing campaigns, and a Mattias Klum TV documentary.

Virgin Unite, Humanity United, and the Nduna Foundation

Enterprise Zimbabwe: Catalyzing Economic Recovery

Virgin Unite, Humanity United, and the Nduna Foundation commit to establish Enterprise Zimbabwe, a trust that will help to facilitate the flow of philanthropic and commercial investment into social development initiatives, small and medium-sized enterprises, and entrepreneurship. Over a period of two years, this intiative will impact more than 20,000 lives.



Vittana/Africa: Bringing Student Loans to Africa

Vittana commits to develop, launch, and fund the first higher education micro-loan programs in Africa. The program will enable 10,000 students to pursue post-secondary education and learn employable skills in fields such as nursing, law enforcement, and information technology. Vittana will partner with microfinance institutions to create these programs, in which loans are placed on the website to receive funding from a global community of individual micro-lenders. On average, a student featured on is funded within less than three days.  In the last two months alone, $100,000 has been raised.

Wrap Up Africa

Wrap Up Africa – Ethiopia

Wrap Up Africa (WUA) will expand its existing program to provide income-generation opportunities for cancer patients and their families while they undergo treatment, often miles from home. Wrap-Up Africa trains program-participants as tailors to create high-end textiles for export. This year, the program will be introduced in Ethiopia.

About the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI)
Established in 2005 by President Bill Clinton, the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) convenes global leaders to devise and implement innovative solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges. Since 2005, CGI Annual Meetings have brought together more than 125 current and former heads of state, 15 Nobel Peace Prize laureates, hundreds of leading CEOs, heads of foundations, major philanthropists, directors of the most effective nongovernmental organizations, and prominent members of the media. These CGI members have made more than 1,900 commitments valued at $63 billion, which have already improved the lives of nearly 300 million people in more than 170 countries. The CGI community also includes CGI University (CGI U), a forum to engage college students in global citizenship,, an online portal where anybody can make a Commitment to Action, and CGI Lead, which engages a select group of young leaders from business, government, and civil society. For more information, visit

What: 2010 Annual Meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative


Where: Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers
811 7th Avenue at 52nd Street
New York, NY 10019


When: September 20-23, 2010


Twitter hashtag: #cgi2010


APPLYING FOR CREDENTIALS: ALL PRESS MUST BE APPROVED BY THE CLINTON GLOBAL INITIATIVE IN ORDER TO ATTEND THE ANNUAL MEETING. The press registration desk will be open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. from Thursday, September 23. To apply for credentials on-site,you must bring a press ID and an assignment letter from an editor, in addition to a valid government-issued ID. Entrance is at the discretion of the Clinton Global Initiative. If you have any questions about identification or pick-up, please contact Kathryn Mahoney at[email protected].


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